Record your music in an acoustically treated environment designed to increase creativity.

  • Including Engineer
  • Dry Hire


Mix your tracks with reputable industry professionals, that have worked with over 200 artists on over 500 creative projects.

  • Single (1 Song)
  • Single Deal (2-3 Songs)
  • EP Deal (4-7 Songs)
  • Album Deal (8+ Songs)


A hybrid blend of analogue and digital processing to achieve a balanced Master.


 / Song

Beat Production.

Beat CatAlogue.

  • Beat Prices
    $600 - $800

Ask to browse our exclusive catalogue filled with beats across all genre’s. 

Create your own custom sound.

  • Beat Making session
  • Video Call Beat Making Session

Work hands on with a professional musician & an experienced producer to craft a fully customised beat that makes use of a plethora of high-end equipment, drum machines, guitars, bass, synthesisers, keyboards and thousands of sound banks so that you can help explore and develop your sound.

After your custom beat has been created, you may then purchase the exclusive rights and ownership for $600 – $800 (Depending on complexity and royalties) 

Content Creation.