Beats can take anywhere from 15min all the way up to 1-2hrs, It depends on how detailed you want to go with it. 

Masters usually take up to 1hr per track.

This depends on what pace you work, however if you have everything prepared (beat and lyrics) the average record time will be 2-3hrs, if you’re starting from scratch, I would recommend booking 4-5hrs.

If you would like to mix your song in the same session it will be another 2-3hrs on top. However, you can also decide to mix it later after you’re happy with the recording stage.

You will only need to pay for the hours that you used.

The first stage is composition. This is where we will work on the structure of your song and help you write your lyrics. We’ll also work on arranging the beat and writing lyrics so that it’s ready for recording.

The second stage is recording (If you already have beat and lyrics then this will be the first step). This is where you will record your vocals and any other instruments/FX that are needed to create your song.

The third stage is mixing. This is where we sit together (or I can sit alone L) to edit the recording using the best equipment in the industry to create a steezy blend of magic.

The final stage is the dark art of Mastering. You can think of this process as putting the photo you painted into a frame. We put the finishing touches on your track by ensuring the song’s loudness is at an industry standard level and ensuring that the mix translates perfectly on every playback medium (car, headphones, portable speaker etc.)

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