What you’ll get:

  • Tips and strategies to help you prepare for your studio session

Knowing what to expect and how to come prepared to a studio session is crucial and can save you hundreds of dollars! We’ll talk through some of the most overlooked and essential topics on preparing for your studio session.

  • The formula to making hit singles

Its surprisingly SUPER easy to make a hit song, unfortunately most people don’t understand the formula behind it. Together we’ll talk through some of the most common industry techniques that have been used in song writing that make it NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE to create something that doesn’t sound good.

  • Pitching and marketing

Together we’ll go through all the rudimentary principals that involve presenting & pitching yourself as an artist. We’ll also go through some of the things you should NEVER do whilst pitching or promoting your music.

  • Budget

We’ll also go through the budget for your project and ensure that we find the best solution without breaking the bank!